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Heren 1

Wie helpt James Drummond aan een onderkomen?

Nieuws afbeelding 2-9-2019 James Drummond, de nieuwe Zuid-Afrikaans speler van HBS Heren 1 is op zoek naar een onderkomen voor een korte of langere periode in onze regio, zodat hij zijn werk in Amsterdam en trainen en spelen in Bloemendaal goed kan combineren.

Wie kan hem daarbij helpen? Ideeën of adviezen zijn ook heel welkom. Graag mailen naar [email protected] of neem zelf met James contact op ([email protected])

Hello to the members of HBS. 

I would like to introduce myself as James Drummond. A British born, South African raised 25 year who old recently relocated here from 2 years spent in London. 
During that time I worked in Investment banking recruitment, specifically IT based around the hiring of software developers. 

After a year I decided to make the jump to sales and was fortunate enough to be given a job as a sales executive for a software company called Hackajob. I joined the business whilst 12 employees currently worked and by the time I left we had grown to 115 members and in my opinion the company had moved In a way that contradicted why I first took the job. 

I have known Jamie Kroukamp (our assistant coach) for a very long time and when he mentioned the possibility of me being involved in his team for the next season I jumped at the opportunity. 

Since moving to Holland I have loved every minute and am very thankful for all the welcomes i have  had so far from all personal involved in the H1 team. 

I am looking for accommodation either short or long term in any area that would be convenient to travel from to both Amsterdam and Bloemendaal which is where I work every day of the week. 

If there are any members of the club who have some suggestions or tips in order to find accommodation easier that it has been so far then I would greatly appreciate it. 

Haarlem would definitely be my second choice for me after Amsterdam. However I realise that the city is difficult to acquire accommodation on short notice. 

Once again if anyone has any advice or knows of a living arrangement. I would be very grateful. 

Kind regards

James Drummond


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